Online self-study course

We provide statistics courses in 4 formats:

  1. In-house courses (on-site or online).
  2. Open on-site courses.
  3. Online self-study courses.
  4. Online courses with live Zoom sessions.

On this page, you can signup for an online self-study course (format 3).

All our courses can be done with self-study and you can start at any time. All material is available as on-demand video, and downloadable R scripts and data sets. Access to the course website is for 12 months.

Interaction between participants and instructors:

  • A Discussion Board allows for daily interaction between instructors and participants. You can ask detailed questions related to the course material.
  • The course fee includes a 1-hour face-to-face video chat with the instructors. You can ask questions related to your own data or to the course.
  • A live chat box can be used for shorter questions related to the course material.
  • You can request 5 times a 30 minutes face-to-face video chat with the instructors and ask questions related to the course material.

There is a simple multiple-choice assessment. If you pass the assessment (hard to fail), we will email a certificate. Various universities give their students around 4 ECTs for one of our courses.

You can select a self-study course from the list below, and pay via credit card. Alternatively, we can provide an invoice in case you need to pay via bank transfer. Please contact us by email.

VAT (value-added tax) charge. EU customers without a valid VAT number will be charged VAT according to their national rate. No VAT charge is applicable for anyone else (i.e. EU customers with a valid VAT number, UK customers, and customers in the rest of the world). Our system will use the invoice address to determine the VAT charge.