Global Pioneers in Ecology Statistics Training - Authors of 3 Best-Selling Stats Books

Since 2005, we have provided around 25 statistics courses each year. Some of our courses are online and some are onsite. The majority of our online courses feature on-demand videos and offer a self-study option, allowing you to start at your convenience.

  • Course 1: Introduction to R using a protocol for conducting and presenting results of regression-type analyses.
  • Course 2: Data exploration, multiple linear regression, GLM, and GAM. With an introduction to R.
  • Course 3: Mixed-effects models and GLMM using nlme, lme4 and glmmTMB.
  • Course 4: Introduction to GAM and GAMM.
  • Course 5: Introduction to time series analysis using regression techniques.
  • Course 6: Introduction to zero-inflated models and GLMM using glmmTMB.
  • Course 7: Mixed-effects models and GLMM using R-INLA.
  • Course 8: Spatial models using R-INLA.
  • Course 9: Zero-inflated GLM, GAM, GLMM and GAMM for the analysis of spatial and spatial-temporal correlated data using R-INLA.
  • Course 10: Workshops and combi-courses.

The course instructors are Dr. Alain Zuur (statistician) and Dr. Elena Ieno (biologist). Our statistical and biological backgrounds ensure a lively and enjoyable interaction with our participants. One of our strong points is explaining statistics in a non-technical and understandable language.