Highland Statistics Ltd. provides around 25 statistics courses per year. Some courses are online and some are onsite (from 2023 onward). All online courses contain on-demand videos. You can also do our online courses with self-study (plus tailored feedback/help); you can do these at any time.

  • Course 1: Introduction to R using a protocol for conducting and presenting results of regression-type analyses.
  • Course 2: Data exploration, multiple linear regression, GLM, and GAM. With an introduction to R.
  • Course 3: Mixed-effects models and GLMM using nlme, lme4 and glmmTMB.
  • Course 4: Introduction to GAM and GAMM.
  • Course 5: Introduction to time series analysis using regression techniques.
  • Course 6: Introduction to zero-inflated models and GLMM using glmmTMB.
  • Course 7: Mixed-effects models and GLMM using R-INLA.
  • Course 8: Spatial models using R-INLA.
  • Course 9: Zero-inflated GLM, GAM, GLMM and GAMM for the analysis of spatial and spatial-temporal correlated data using R-INLA.
  • Course 10: Workshops and combi-courses.

The course instructors are Dr. Alain Zuur (statistician) and Dr. Elena Ieno (biologist). Our statistical and biological backgrounds ensure a lively and enjoyable interaction with our participants. One of our strong points is explaining statistics in a non-technical and understandable language.

Onsite courses will resume in July 2023. 


Organizing a course at your institute

If you have various colleagues who are interested in one of our courses it may be more cost-effective to organise a course at your institute. This can be done as an in-house course or as an open...

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Can you tailor a course?

Can you tailor a course? Yes of course. A couple of examples are presented below. The Senckenberg Society for Nature Research (Frankfurt, Germany) asked us to teach a course for 25 students on...

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Online courses: How does it work?

Online courses: How does it work? Course website. All courses use a course website that contains: 5 - 10 theory presentations (on-demand video and also downloadable pdf files).  15 - 25...

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Flyers for each course

Keywords per course Course 1: Data exploration, regression, GLM and GAM: with introduction to R Introduction to R. Outliers. Transformations. Collinearity. Multiple linear regression. Model...

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Recommended order of courses

The two most popular courses are: Course 1: Data exploration, regression, GLM and GAM. With an introduction to R. Course 2: Introduction to mixed modelling and GLMM. We provide three versions of...

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Course instructors

Dr Alain F Zuur I was born 2 years before man landed on the moon. When I went to high school, I was not good in much except for mathematics and sport. The nice part about mathematics is that you...

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