Highland Statistics Ltd. provides 10 different statistics courses. The course instructors are Dr. Alain Zuur (statistician) and Dr. Elena Ieno (biologist). Our statistical and biological backgrounds ensure a lively and enjoyable interaction with our participants. One of our strong points is explaining statistics in a non-technical and understandable language.

Due to the coronavirus, all our courses in 2021 will be given as online courses. Below is a short video explaining the three different formats that we use.


We teach around 25 statistics online and onsite courses per year. These are our courses:

  • Introduction to R.
  • Introduction to R and Data Visualization.
  • Data exploration, multiple linear regression, GLM, and GAM. With an introduction to R.
  • Mixed-effects models and GLMM.
  • Spatial models using R-INLA.
  • Spatial, temporal, and spatial-temporal models using R-INLA.
  • Introduction to GAM and GAMM.
  • Bayesian analysis.
  • Zero-inflated models.
  • Multivariate analysis (PCA, CCA, NMDS, etc).
  • Workshops.
  • We also provide online courses.

Some of our courses are in-house, whereas others are open. Since 2002, we have trained over 7000 scientists from different fields, such as biology, medicines, psychology, and even economics and social science. Our courses are non-technical. All courses are based on our books and use R.