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Statistics courses 

Nearly every second week we give a statistics course somewhere in the world. We have been in almost every country in Europe, and also in more exotic places like the Middle East, New Zealand, Canada, and South and Central America. Some of our courses are part of post-graduate education programmes funded by the EU or UNESCO. Information on course content, how to run one of these courses at your institute, or participate in an open course can be found on the course website. Our course material is based on various statistical textbooks that we have published.

Upcoming open courses:

Our books


The book A Beginner's Guide to R has been translated from English into Japanese and Chinese and is used in many undergraduate university courses. 


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A few hours of stats help may be enough for your project! Why would you come to us for statistical consultancy? Good communication skills, expertise knowledge in various statistical fields, pragmatic, and 15 years expertise with statistical consultancy with ecologists. We can help you with paper submission or referee comments, statistical analysis, experimental design, guidance during your PhD research, or "just" a big project of 50 days.


We have developed the statistical software package Brodgar. Please visit:  

Schedule of courses