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We have published three books with Springer; Analyzing Ecological Data (2007), Mixed Effects Models and Extensions in Ecology with R (2009) and Beginner's Guide to R (2010). The latter one has been translated in Japanese and Chinese. 

Between 2011 and 2017 we wrote another 7 books; one book on data exploration and visualisation, one book on GLM and GLMM (co-authored with Professor Joseph Hilbe), one book on GAM, one book on GAMM, two books on the analysis of zero-inflated data, and one book on the analysis of spatial, temporal and spatial-temporal data using R-INLA. All books are written with R.

You may wonder why we write all these books. We provide around 25 statistics courses per year, all over the world. Having 20 – 30 biologists in one room means that we are confronted with challenging data sets and questions all the time, and this drives the application of modern statistical techniques, new books and new course modules. 

Each book has its own website with content description, R code and data sets. You can access these websites by clicking on the relevant book below, or by clicking on the link in the menu above.





Beginner's Guide to GAM with R, Beginner's Guide to GLM and GLMM with R, Beginner's Guide to GAMM, Beginner's Guide to Data Exploration and Visualisation with R, Beginner's Guide to Zero-Inflated Models with R, and Beginner's Guide to Spatial, Temporal and Spatial-Temporal Ecological Data Analysis with R-INLA are also available as electronic book with instant access.

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