Beginner's Guide to GLM and GLMM with R (2013).  Zuur AF, Hilbe JM and Ieno EN


This book presents Generalized Linear Models (GLM) and Generalized Linear Mixed Models (GLMM) based on both frequency-based and Bayesian concepts. Using ecological data from real-world studies, the text introduces the reader to the basics of GLM and mixed effects models, with demonstrations of binomial, gamma, Poisson, negative binomial regression, and beta and beta-binomial GLMs and GLMMs. 

The book uses the functions glm, lmer, glmer, glmmADMB, and also JAGS from within R. JAGS results are compared with frequentist results.

R code to construct, fit, interpret, and comparatively evaluate models is provided at every stage. Otherwise challenging procedures are presented in a clear and comprehensible manner with each step of the modelling process explained in detail, and all code is provided so that it can be reproduced by the reader.

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Table of contents

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Data sets and R code used in the book.

All data sets used in the book are provided as *.txt or *.xls files. Right-mouse click on a data file and click on Save-As.
R code for each chapter is password protected. The password is given on page vi in the preface of the book. See the paragraph "Data sets and R code used in this book"
Support routines that we source in various chapters: HighstatLibV6.R  and  MCMCSupportHighstat.R.
Just copy these two files in the working directory (use Save As) and type:
source(file = "HighstatLibV6.R")

source(file = "MCMCSupportHighstat.R")
pdf file with some simple explanations on matrix notation
Chapter Title Data sets R code*  
1 Introduction to generalized linear models Baileyetal2008.xls
2 Generalized linear modelling applied to red squirrel data RedSquirrels.txt  
3 GLM applied to presence-absence polychaeta data PolychaetaV3.txt  
4 Introduction to mixed effects models Spiders.txt  
5 GLMM applied to honeybee pollination data pollen.txt  
6 GLMM for strictly positive data: biomass of rainforest trees seedling.txt  
7 Binomial, Beta-binomial, and Beta GLMM applied to Cheetah Data Cheetah.txt  
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Support chapters

Rather than reproducing the material on MCMC, we give the reader of this book electronic access to Chapter 1 of Zuur et al. (2012a), which contains an introduction to Bayesian statistics and MCMC. Chapter 1 of Zuur (2012b) provides an introduction to multiple linear regression, which is also prerequisite knowledge for this book. These two chapters are downloadable from:

Both chapters are password protected. The password is given on page vi in the preface. See the paragraph labelled "Chapter 1 of Zuur et al. (2012a) and Zuur (2012b)".

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